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08/08/2019 22:12

A debris-to-dust multi step approach.
First a "debris source" is used as source for a POP Sim.
Then the result is converted to a Volume and used as the source for a PYRO Sim.






PYRO_Vase_Debris.hipnc (1306 kB)

Author: ChrBohm

mooopstar  2019-08-18 19:26:24
Just wondering, bullet working better when the geo is upscaled? If so, how big should geo be, if i m doing bullet sim?
ChrBohm  2019-08-19 16:08:15
Yes, in my experience it does (unfortunately). My rule of thumb is - when the scale is below 1m I scale by 10. But I am happy to hear what other people do about that. It's annoying.
fictionfxartist  2019-09-14 13:27:47
I tried this method on my rbd simulation of structure destruction. Till adding debris it works great but the moment i add "Volume Rasterize Attribute" it starts creating problem maybe because of i am doing it in 16.5 version and not 17.5 Debris is visible but the smoke is not. Please tell me how to fix it
EastEnder  2020-05-19 16:05:20
fictionfxartist Why don't you just get the latest version tho
Ivan792  2022-04-05 02:23:09
this setup wokr 19.5 version. but need use new debris and bulet solver.
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